Italian Citizenship Options

Italian citizenship options: By descendent or marriage and visa. Choose yours!
The path to moving to Italy from a non-EU country can be difficult. If you need any help, I can consult and assist you by collecting vital records, translating all documents or revising your application before the appointment at the consulate. If you do not qualify for any of the listed Visas, do not despair! We recommend that you look for any ancestors who have Italian or European ancestors. If you have Italian ancestors from another EU country, you may be able to obtain dual citizenship from that country and use it to enter and live in Italy.

Specific documents are required for the various options for Italian citizenship:

  • Birth certificates from the “Comune” in Italy
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Naturalization certificates
  • I take care of the certification and long-form copies of all documents
  • I provide for all US documents an apostille: a certification for use abroad
  • I deliver a professional translation of all English documents into Italian

Italian Citizenship by Descent

Italian citizenship options

Italian Citizenship option: by descendent.
According to Italian Law 91 of February 5, 1992, Italian citizenship is conferred by bloodline.

If you are an Italian citizen’s descendant, you may already be an Italian citizen, and you will need to get your citizenship recognised by the Italian government! Nevertheless, there are some exceptions that you need to look at before starting your process of recognition. I will assist you in collecting all the Italian and US vital records that belong to your family’s bloodline. The type and amount of documents depend on how many past generations of research you need to prove your right to Italian Citizenship. Records such as certificates of marriage birth or death must be provided in long form only and bear the necessary seal of approval from the relevant registry office. If an amendment on a vital record should deem necessary, an “affidavit to amend record” will be requested. This will take extra time.

In order to ensure the best chance of approval, you should know the importance of accuracy with Italian dual citizenship required documents. Additionally, each document should include an apostille, an official document that validates these documents. Moreover, a fully certified translator must also translate these documents into Italian.

Italian Citizenship by Matrimony

Italian citizenship options

Italian Citizenship option: by matrimony.
The automatic Italian citizenship after marriage (Law no. 123) for women ended on April 27, 1983. After this date, foreign persons – men or women – receive equal treatment. They do not receive automatic Italian citizenship when they marry an Italian resident. If you are married to an Italian and you have been resident in Italy for the last 2 years from your marriage/civil union then, you are eligible for Italian citizenship. Should you have children, the waiting time is of one year only. If you are not an Italian resident, you must wait for 3 years – from the date of your marriage/union – before you can apply for Italian citizenship by marriage. Should you have children, the waiting time is of 18 months.  All criminal background checks and marriage certificates have a six-month validity period; please submit your citizenship applications within this period. Verify Italian comune has marriage record on file.  If living abroad, the spouse has to properly register at the AIRE. Consulate records reflect the current resident’s address

Prerogative: you have to pass the B1 language test. Any applicant seeking Italian citizenship must have sufficient knowledge of the Italian language and obtain a B1 level certification, which the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) must certify.


Italian citizenship options visa

If you want to move to Italy, study, or spend more than 90 days on cation in Italy and are not an EU citizen, you will need a visa.

Let me assist you in determining the best visa for you and guide you through the entire application process. If you want to study the Italian language in Italy, we work with several schools there. Shall I find the right match for you? If you are a Non-EU citizen you can travel throughout the Schengen Aerea Visa-free for a maximum of 90 days out of every 180 days. Once you have spent 90 days, you must leave the Schengen Area for a full 90 days. In order to stay longer, you must first have a Visa. How? You have to apply at the Italian consulate of your jurisdiction or... get in touch!

Prerogative to apply for Visa is a valid passport or travel document. Valid at least three more months beyond their planned date of exit from Schengen, and issued within the last 10 years. 

Work Visa | Study Visa | EU Blue Card | Elective Residency Visa | Investor Visa | Self Employment Visa

Apply in Italy

Italian citizenship options

Starting your citizenship journey in Italy can significantly speed up the process of becoming an official Italian citizen.
Upon your arrival in Italy, it's possible to attain recognized Italian citizenship in just a matter of months! 🇮🇹 

The Apply in Italy Assistance includes the following:

  • Comuni selection.
  • Assistance with housing selection, negotiation, and registration of a residency-ready lease.
  • Personalized service with unlimited consultations with our founders.
  • A clear plan of action to ensure you're never left wondering about the next steps.
  • Document review and assistance with corrections, including any name or document discrepancies.
  • Preparation of all the application forms required by the comune.
  • Preparation of all the necessary forms for obtaining residency, permesso di soggiorno, and codice fiscale.
  • Comprehensive preparation for what to expect during the recognition application process in Italy.
  • Regular progress reports on the status of your application.
  • Accompaniment and translation services for all appointments related to residency and citizenship.

We make your journey towards Italian citizenship as smooth and stress-free as possible.