Becoming an Italian Citizen is a Journey

Italian Journey

Allow me to accompany you on your journey to becoming an Italian citizen. I can take you there:

  • Preparation of the applicant's file
  • Set up and managament of the appointment with the local Italian consulate
  • Procurement of all vital records - Italy & US
  • Procurement of naturalization records, as well any other additional documents required by the case
  • Management of the amendment process when the records present major discrepancies or inconsintecies
  • Procurement of the apostilles or handling of any other legalization process required by la.
  • Preparation of al the application forms necessary to apply for citizenship
  • Passport request
  • Registration with AIRE
  • Italian language course to obtain the Level B1
  • Professional translations from English into Italian
  • Apply in Italy

What is the price for obtaining assistance with an Italian Citizenship application? 

The price is influenced by factors such as the number of generations I need to trace back, the number of applicants involved, and any necessary amendments to the records. The time required for document research is also an important contributing factor. My consultant boutique doesn't offer fixed packages because each case is unique and needs personalized attention. As a result, the total service cost can range from approximately 1.700$ to around 4.700$. 

What is not included?
The estimated cost does not cover translations, vital records (Italian and American), apostilles, or shipment expenses. These additional elements will be charged at cost.

🇮🇹 Important information for a smooth start to becoming an Italian citizenship 🇮🇹


 Your Italian ancestor must have been alive after March 17, 1861, the date of Italy's unification.
Prior to this date, Italy did not exist, and therefore there are no Italian Citizens.


Before July 1st, 1912


Your Italian ancestor must not have naturalized (which means become a citizen of the United States or elsewhere) before July 1, 1912. Ancestors who naturalized before July 1, 1912, cannot transmit Italian citizenship under Italian Law no. 555 of June 13, 1912. Under this law, also the foreign-born minor children of Italians who naturalized prior to this date were also stripped of their Italian citizenship (this is not the case of your ancestor naturalized after July 1, 1912). Your Italian ancestor must not have naturalized prior to the birth of his/her descendant if that descendant is you or any of the ascendants in the direct line through which you would be otherwise eligible.


Direct Line Ancestor


If an Italian ancestor in your direct line is a woman (your mother, your grandmother), born before January 1, 1948, she can only claim Italian citizenship from her father. She can only pass Italian citizenship to her children (male or female) if they were born after January 1, 1948. However, if this is the only path to your eligibility, you may still have your citizenship recognized by appealing your case through the High Court in Italy.  Neither you nor any of the ascendants in your direct line must have ever renounced Italian citizenship, aside from the oath taken by the Italy-born ancestor if he/she naturalized.


August 15, 1992


As of August 15, 1992, Italy has approved the dual-citizenship status. Italy-born persons who became naturalized citizens of another country on or after this date retained their Italian citizenship. Your Italian Citizenship depends on the Italian ancestor's naturalization document, which is crucial.